At BRF & Co., we are committed to providing a robust and accurate audit to all of our clients. With a thorough understanding of regulatory and legislative issues as well as complex accounting methodology, BRF & Co. ensures that our clients are given the best service and will always be informed of matters and changes to IFRS, which would thoroughly impact their businesses.

Through extensive research, knowledge and hard experience in the industry, BRF & Co. have obtained the necessary tools and mechanisms best suited to the structures and workings of your business.  Our audit planning and strategy takes into account the customer and the individual risks they are bound to contend with.

It is our prerogative to keep customers well informed and updated with all the technical knowledge and changes that occur in financial reporting.


Most traditional businesses regard business audits and processing of annual accounts as unnecessary, burdensome and adding little-to-no value to the establishment.  BRF & Co. will transform that process into an activity that not only enables your business to meet its statutory requirements, but also maximises your profit.  We will analyse your real and potential business weaknesses as well as recommending possible solutions that will not only eliminate the failings, but enhance the business in the process.

Businesses need to realise that an audit report is more than just a simple report.  If it is done correctly, it can present a whole new image of the business to investors, customers, referral sources and even the business’s own staff; which can only positively impact your business as well as improve its future business prospects.  In auditing accounts, BRF & Co. will analyse the entire business and look at the short- and long-term goals of your firm.  We will prepare your accounts as often and regularly as you wish whilst still advising your businesses with your own record keeping habits and account preparations.

Most importantly, our services are of the highest quality and rest assured knowing that your business is in the hands of experts; hence giving you more time to focus on your business and not on the administration.


Business-owners rarely have enough time to give adequate attention to the details of making major decisions.  In the process, they may overlook some crucial aspects which can later result in further expenses.  Using BRF & Co.’s consultancy services helps because we have professionals who study the technicalities of all such matters and offer professional opinions and solutions.

BRF & Co. has qualified professionals who are aware of all business operations and will advise you on the best course of action.  Our professionals devote a considerable amount of time studying relevant documents, procedures, legal requirements and attending courses in order to offer our clients a full range of services.  We can help in identifying the personnel requirements of the organisation, and also closing any deals with minimum tax implications.  We can also help in negotiating loans and funding requirements from a consortium of lenders.  If required, BRF & Co. can also give realistic opinions on what is working for the business and what is not, so that the business-owner can take a reasoned decision on selling or revamping any non-viable unit. 


Many people fear the topic of taxation, but we are passionate about “carrying the burden of taxation” for our clients.  This is because we have qualified tax professionals who have a wealth of experience to solve all of your tax problems.